I can be contacted any time at:

If you wish write me a letter. I’d enjoy receiving it and will reply in kind. My address is

Keith Picot
251 Maliview Drive
Saltspring Island
British Columbia
V8K 1B7

I’d love to hear feedback on the films as I do them solely for the enjoyment of people like yourself.




5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. “Less bangs for your buck” was Fishbowl’s pick of the week. I checked it out and in turn was lead to your website. Thanks for you creativity! Really enjoyed watching a few of your clips – They are fun and honour a powerful vintage form of expression. You do it well.


    Janine Fernandes-Hayden

  2. I can’t believe I’ve just found your work – living on a small island doesn’t always mean you know everything that’s going on!!! – love watching your work, even (or especially!) your local commercials ❤

  3. I’ll probably see you 50 times before you even read this, but may I say once again that I absolutely love these shorts and greatly appreciate our morning chats. Great work and great to know ya! Captain Hartley was my latest viewing, just charming and heart warming! Talk soon,


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