Hobo Shower

The Pharmacy

Fresh off the press!

“The Starvin’ Barber”

For your pleasure we offer you…


Here is our latest!

“Captain Hartley’s Pane”

Here is this year’s seasonal offering!

The Resurrection on Chump Street 

Here is our latest short comedy for the folks at Windsor Plywood! Sure Hope You Enjoy! 


“Lucky’s Big Idea”

Made with love for the helpful folks at HatchYourIdea.com, Hek’s Half Acre Studio proudly presents, for your enjoyment, “Lucky’s Big Idea”! A Lucky Douglas silent comedy!

“The Wild Man of Kakadu”

For your enjoyment, Hek’s Half Acre Studio brings you this one reel comedy in pantomime!


“Lucky’s Letter”

Thanks to the good folks at Country Grocer-who’s staff make up 90% of the cast-we offer you “Lucky’s Letter”! A short, slap-stick seasonal silent film for the whole family! Enjoy. and please spread it around!

“A Trip To Mars”

For your enjoyment